Automotive and Industrial LED Lighting Solutions

LED Lighting Simplified

LED light source simplifies the LED buying process from start to finish. We’re not your typical lighting agency—we’re a one-stop shop for all of your LED lighting needs. Our goal is to build real relationships with our clients through responsive, individualized attention. Our team of consultants is always available to answer your questions. Whether you’re looking to brighten a busy auto body shop or find just the right lighting to highlight the best features of your dealership show floor, we know how to best accommodate your needs. We make the process of purchasing and installing LED lighting easy and stress-free.

Industrial Manufacturing & Machine Shops

Industrial manufacturing can include anything from warehouses, foundries, and machine shops, to automated assembly systems, food processing facilities and more. In every case, unique environmental conditions apply. With LED Light Source, you get access to a huge selection of standard available fixtures as well as custom fixtures designed to fit your application. Reduce eye strain, improve overall safety conditions, and drastically decrease the annual energy costs of your facility with custom LED solutions.

Auto Body Repair Shops

Auto body work requires skill and attention to detail. If your team is having trouble seeing the small stuff, LEDs are the best solution, providing more lumens per watt than any traditional light source. Our consultants can connect you with the right LED fixtures and custom fixture designs to maximize visibility in your shop space. LED lights help to reduce the risk of eye strain for your employees, improve safety conditions, and minimize the annual energy costs.

Car Dealerships

Automotive dealerships need bright, beautiful lighting that showcases vehicles in the most attractive way possible. The right lighting can make an appealing car become truly irresistible. At LED Light Source, we have the ability to help you find LED lighting solutions that will showcase your vehicles while simultaneously reducing your yearly electricity bill.